What is an AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Ram?

  • Only AWSBA Blue Tags will have the trademarked AWSBA Logo on them.
  • Buying an AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Ram guarantees you are buying the genuine article.
  • An AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Ram is out of a registerable stud ewe and by a registered stud ram from a registered AWSBA breeder.
  • Only registered AWSBA studs can purchase and use the AWSBA Blue Tags for their flock rams.

The AWSBA Blue Tag scheme for Australian White Flock Rams was introduced so that buyers of commercial flock rams could be assured that they were buying rams of genuine Australian White genetics from registered AWSBA Studs.

The Australian White Sheep breed became recognised as stabilised hair sheep breed in 2011. Since then, intensive ET procedures have been carried out to further tighten the breed's homozygous character, ensuring uniformity and replication faithful to breed type.

In 2019, Glenn Lambert from Warrumbungle Australian white stud identified the need for the association to create a simple identification system for registered AWSBA studs to brand and market their flock rams.

Due to the breed's genetic trait robustness, there has been a difficulty with commercially bred rams of mixed genetics being marketed as Australian Whites on the open market. Due to the untraceable genetics of such animals these rams, while visually appealing, will not have the genetic stability to throw consistently.  

The Australian White Sheep Breeders Blue Tag program ensures commercial producers that they are buying the genuine article. For an AWSBA Flock Ram to qualify to have a blue tag, the flock ram must be out of a registerable stud ewe and by a registered stud ram.

The tags are unique to the AWSBA. In 2020 it became mandatory in our breed association for that all members to use the tags in their flock rams. This means only AWSBA members can buy the tags to put into their flock rams and flows onto give purchasers the buying confidence of Australian White genetics.

During the development of the breed ewes showing high offseason fertility were targeted through the extensive embryo transfer-driven selection process, to ensure this became a strong genetic characteristic of the breed, non-seasonal breeding allows for much greater management flexibility and profits.

The strength of the AWSBA Blue Tag Flock ram, comes from the fact that they are a genetically stable, shedding hair type sheep that does not need to be shorn. They're also noted for their superior carcass shape and size, and the ability to finish on pasture. They are, as a result, the ultimate low-maintenance sheep breed.

When at the sales and seeking ewes in lamb, our suggestion for commercial producers is to look for ewes in lamb to rams with the blue AWSBA Flock Ram tag.

The AWSBA blue tag assures you that you are buying rams from registered AWSBA Stud Breeder.

A list of our members and production sales are on our website.

FAQ on AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Ram

How do I know if it's an AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Ram?

You will know if it is a AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Ram as the tag will contain the tradmarked logo of the AWSBA. 

Best place to find Breeders with AWSBA Blue Tag Flock Rams?

You can only purchase a blue tag flock ram from an registered AWSBA Stud